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 Johnny Sublime possesses specialized skills that set him apart from other performers of the magical and applied arts.

His performances are fascinating, amazing and unexplainable.

Audience members, chosen by random chance, share the stage and the spotlight to create a fun and memorable event with a form of entertainment that few people have witnessed.

Johnny Sublime has mastered the subtle art of communication and can psychologically direct and influence the choices of his audience using suggestion and subliminal techniques.

Having studied psychology and human behaviour for the best part of a decade, Johnny Sublime can accurately forecast seemingly unforeseeable occurrences in demonstrations of apparent Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

However, despite the words "psychic" and "mind reader" being used to describe his skills, Johnny Sublime is a dedicated sceptic who believes he possess no genuine paranormal or psychic ability. He simply uses his five senses to give the impression of having a sixth.

Interest and thrills await those viewing this most unusual demonstration of extreme mental effort which showcases the untapped potential of the human mind.

Johnny Sublime can be booked to perform at your next corporate event, party or private function.
The content of his act varies from show to show and can be tailored for specific events. Fees also vary depending on the size and nature of the function.

To book a presentation at your next party or event contact Johnny Sublime.

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